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Strong Plan: Prioritising Regional Queensland

Queensland’s regions are facing a brighter future thanks to the strong choices outlined in the 2014-15 State Budget.

Draft Plan of action: Strongest Choice now the Smartest

Treasurer Tim Nicholls today released the Government’s Draft Plan of action to reduce the $80 billion state debt and $4 billion interest bill - the ‘Strongest and Smartest Choice’ for Queensland.

Strong Choices draws 50,000 submissions

More than 50,000 Queenslanders have now made submissions on the Queensland Government's Strong Choices website, recording their choices for paying down the state's $80 billion accumulated debt.

10,000 Queenslanders in Wide Bay region Strong Choices Virtual Town Hall

Last night's Strong Choices Virtual Town Hall saw 10,000 Queenslanders from the Wide Bay region take part in the conversation on securing the State's economic future.

New Strong Choices Community Forum in Charleville

Charleville locals will will have their say on Queensland's financial future next week, with Treasurer Tim Nicholls opening the floor for discussion at a Strong Choices Community Forum.